Lead Dog… A service even your dog will trust.

Experience clean… and our simple process to get you there!

Lead Dog cleaned millions of square feet in 2017. From cleaning your neighbors property, warehouses to multi-family communities of over 99 multi-story buildings, Lead Dog heads into 2018 as a service provider with an established reputation.

We make your estimating process quick and easy. Some services are even available with instant, real-time estimates.?Cleaning is often the easy part of a service. Lead Dog makes things simple from start to finish.

Lead Dog’s roots start as a commercial pressure washing company Fluid Power Cleaning, refreshing the name in the spring of 2017.

“Talking about high pressures and chemicals with our customers each day, I wanted an opportunity to connect with them as a brand of trust rather than one of high risk. My dog’s aging; where the values of Lead Dog help keep his loyal spirit alive,”? says Lead Dog’s owner, Andrew.?

“We’ve had some fun with the name too. Especially, while talking about roofs.”

Lead Dog is run by an engineer with experience constructing projects within operating oil refineries. Our services follow company policies and procedures with internal training to maintain our standards across each technician. We’re a company you can count on and make your day a bit easier.

“The bitterness of poor?quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Not all companies are created equal…

We sized ourselves up before refreshing our brand to Lead Dog. And, focused on the pros and cons of working with local service businesses in many industries around Chicagoland.

Service companies operated with many deficiencies in regards to operator training, customer information handling and business shortfalls.

We started thinking, do customers understand the regulations? Do they care?


Lead Dog’s modern platform offers customers the best experience in the industry. An option to estimate, schedule and pay all online without ever speaking with us! Because our customer interface is web based, we took the additional steps to invest in the best protection of your information. The instant you provide your information to Lead Dog, your details are protected by an encrypted SSL certificate. (See image below)

The tech giants Google and Apple confirm to viewers their information is secure with Lead Dog by displaying a “Secure” or “Lock symbol” in your browsers url bar. ‘Secure Connection : Your information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to this site.’

Lead Dog Services Secure Website

Encrypted Payments

We also knew by offering electronic payment options through email, it was our responsibility to protect payment information. Your credit card payment is encrypted into multiple pages of code through a certified level 1 PCI compliant processor offer by the industry leader, Stripe Payment Processing.


Many service companies struggle to return calls, show up on-time for estimates or blow off your plans for higher paying opportunities. This might leave you out to dry while you took time off work or rescheduled plans to meet.

Lead Dog offers residential customers the flexibility to receive instant estimates any time of the day. Schedule any time of the day. And, get their service completed without being home! Our system will always keep you in the know with reminders for upcoming services and provide any last minute tips. We make things smooth… it’s really our goal!


Without insurance, customers may have no means to financial reimbursement to cover repair bills for damage to the property.

Insurance policies have limitations and gaps in coverage. Many in our industry have policy changes when working at heights above 4 feet. This height is not random either. OSHA safety regulates contractors to require fall protection at heights where insurance coverages are impacted.

Lead Dog carries multi-million dollar policies covering liability, vehicles and workers.

Lead Generation Sites

Chances are you did not find us through sites like Home Advisor, Angies List or Thumbtack. We find these services counter-productive to finding reputable contractors. Although, we do have profiles created without memberships to their services.

Why? A business does not need:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Good Standing with the State (Employment Law)

An ability to pay for your account is all you need. These sites may promote inexperienced contractors without insurance and the understanding of state required documentation.


The State of Illinois has strict regulations to protect consumers. Some relative to services cover:

  • Required document deliverables to the customer (scope of work/estimate)
  • Terms and conditions provided to the customer. Including all applicable state statute verbiage.
  • Your rights to cancellation
  • Report deception or fraud

Just to name a few. Many contractors do not provide documents to describe what is going to be done, when and how it will be paid for. And, any other specifics such as rescheduling and canceling. The Illinois Attorney General’s office does not agree with this practice.


The State of Illinois does not license the exterior cleaning industry (many states do!). License claims from contractors are either inflated, deceptive or an endorsement for a regulated profession such as plumbing.



Lead Dog uses advanced equipment, policies and a personal commitment to protect the environment. We will not allow oily wash water to flow into drains that lead to the same river and lakes your family enjoy. You have our word!


Information is available in our trucks at all times for every chemical, truck fluid and any other material on board. As required by the Department of Transportation in the event of an emergency. We are only allowed to carry certain weights of chemicals as well.

OSHA Safety

Our daily commitment to our employees is they return home the same way they left. We are certified by OSHA in numerous categories including aerial lifts.


Lead Dog’s mission is to lead as a simple resource to turn to. We were started by an engineer with a love of science stuff… not exactly car salesmen. We know you will hear, “We are the only company who cleans this way!” An established power washing company will have all the equipment necessary, years of experience and ability to give you the results you expect.


Chemicals are delivered by truck to our facility 300 gallons at a time straight from the chemical plant. We know the exact concentration we are applying at all times. Chemicals can lose 80% of their strength in just 1 month. Store bought products sit on shelves for weeks, after sitting in hot warehouses for months waiting to be delivered. Contractors have no clue what strength their ingredients are when purchasing at a local hardware store.


The power washing industry uses aggressive chemicals and pressures that can cut concrete. An inexperienced carpet cleaner may miss a spot while an inexperienced pressure washer can rip surfaces apart. There is an additional level of trust a customer considers when cleaning their exterior. You also trust them to manage your information!


Fleet Service

Lead Dog’s fleet offers a complete line of services?to tackle all of you needs.

Our equipment:

  • move 10x the volume of water as a standard pressure washer
  • heats water with the capability to convert to steam
  • reclaim systems to recover all wash water?
  • filters to remove oil, solids or minerals from water
  • poles allowing us to clean without squeegees 7 stories high safely from the ground.

Our facility includes a training area, OSHA compliant?safety shower/eyewash stations, recycle program and much more. Technicians are trained in-house and follow procedures to tackle a number of services with continuity. They arrive uniformed, friendly and listen to your needs.

Lead Dog is insured through Liberty Mutual with multi-million dollar policies covering all services of our businesses including heights requiring fall protection and working with EPA regulated chemicals.

We carry a number of OSHA accredited safety certifications as well as good standing certifications from the state. We are engineer owned with experience designing and managing complex projects within operating oil refineries. Our ability to plan-for constraints and obstacles allow us to discuss situations before they exist.

We successfully planned, orchestrated and completed large scopes of work for many different multi-family communities ranging from 10 buildings to 99 multi-unit, multi-story buildings. Cleaning inside of multi-family communities has constant changing variables such as schools stops, other contractors, weather, etc.

Our equipment is capable. Our planning makes your experience professional. And, our operation is proven to achieve the results you expect.


Andrew Richardson

Lead Dog

Andrew is from the greater Chicago area and?enjoys time with his dog, Koa.?He’s won?awards as an engineering consultant in the construction of oil refineries and chemical plants for the worlds largest corporations.

In 2013, Andrew took a step back from consulting.??I was traveling all the time, working late to meet deadlines and wanted to enjoy life a bit more.? I couldn’t get away from piping, pressures and materials so Lead Dog was very fitting. ?Bringing my education to the industry has allowed Lead Dog to build into a local resource for homeowners to turn to. ?They take comfort knowing?Lead Dog will always have their?best interest in mind.??

Favorite quote ? ?Those who teach the most about humanity, aren?t always humans.?


Dog Relations Advisor

Koa is the inspiration for Lead Dog. You can find him trotting around our facility where he will be sure to greet you with his favorite ball.? He lives for his head out the window and to go on a ?w.a.l.k.?


Lead Dog did a fantastic job washing our house. They were very friendly and professional. We?d definitely
recommend using them to all of our friends!
? Sparky (and the Conways)