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Simple, Efficient, Window Cleaning Services

Window CleaningWindow cleaning is an important step to feeling comfortable at your home. They are also one item where you can “clearly” tell they are dirty. Enjoy your sunny days with clean windows.

Residential and Commercial

Lead Dog provides both the residential and commercial window cleaning services. We use traditional and modern cleaning methods

Our Approach to Window Cleaning

Window cleaning has evolved over the years into a more scientific approach. Lead Dog uses de-mineralizing technology to remove microscopic solids from the water.

In the world of ground water, soluble minerals collect as rain water filters the through soil. The amount of minerals it collects is measured by a term called TDS, Total Dissolved Solids. In your home, you may add water softening systems or “RO/DI” filters. Lead Dog uses commercial grade RO/DI filters to remove minerals from Chicagoland’s hard water.

An easy comparison

If you sprayed your windows with a hose connected to a buildings water spigot, will it leave rings on the window when it dries? Yes. It always will.

When it rains, will rain water leave spots on your windows? NO! Or, your car would even be spotty after every rain.

Why does this matter?

Removing minerals allows the water to dry spot free. It does not need to be squeegeed, wiped or dried-off. This methods allows us to clean windows as high as 7 stories from the ground without changing between mop and squeegee or the risks (and costs) of repelling down the side of a building.


Leave Heights to the Pros

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, there are nearly 500,000 people who are treated for ladder-related injuries each year.? Using a ladder can be done safely, if needed at all.? Lead Dog uses the industries best equipment and will determine whether your window cleaning is best served from the ground or up close and personal.


Window cleaning can be very time consuming.? Where would you rather spend your time on a nice weekend?? Get your window exteriors cleaned while you are at work and never look back.

Categories of Window Cleaning

Understanding the categories or levels of service helps keep our communication simple. In many cases

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is the routine cleanings of your windows. Lead Dog cleans on annual agreements and one-time services.

Neglect Cleaning

Windows that have not been cleaned in years, or in some scenarios weeks, can develop films and residue that require an initial step before completing a maintenance cleaning.

Restoration Cleaning

Windows are prone to staining just like any surface. Lead Dog removes a number of stains such as hard water, calcium and rust to name a few.

Construction Clean-up

Please note: Lead Dog does not offer window cleaning services for construction clean-up (removal of stickers, excess silicone, paint, etc.)

Stains and Hard Water

Windows are not immune to stains and hard water deposits.? Luckily, they are normally on the outside and we can take care of them for you.

Webs and Nests

Window trim provides enough space for spiders and insects to set up a nice home.? They can use the webs to trap flying insects and really are not bothered by much.? What may bother you though, are these insects are close to your open window when you?re enjoying a nice day.? Maintain a clean window and you?ll enjoy many benefits.

?Lead Dog cleaned the exterior windows of our home while doing other work around our property.? They were friendly and my husband and I will call them again in the fall.? Thank you Lead Dog!?

Does our house washing service clean your window too though??House washing does in fact lift dirt and disinfect organic contaminants from the surface.? Our applicator uses a solution that should not leave any spots behind.? Each home has a different level of water hardness though, especially if it?s on well water.? If you want to ensure a streak free window, add our window cleaning service to your list.

Lead Dog provides window cleaning for many different types of properties.? Around the home, we stick to cleaning the exterior.? We?ve listened to our customers and many homeowners are quite comfortable cleaning the inside of windows their selves.? We are glad to help too!? Check out our article, How to Clean your Windows.