Remove ugly Stains Today.

Lead Dog is the professional solution to remove stains around your property.

First impressions go a long way.? Owners concerned about removing stains also care about keeping a well maintained property.? It?s an image you want to radiate about your investment and are proud to show it off to others.

Many of our customers have tried to remove stains their selves and just can?t seem to get them to budge.? Don?t quit!? Lead Dog has options for you.

Why Stain Removal Matters

Get on it.?Fast!

No matter the source, stains should be removed immediately.? They only get worse and time makes it that much harder to remove completely.? Porous surfaces such as concrete and brick allow water to pass through the substrate allowing the stain to grow across the surface and deeper into the material.?

Removing stains on vinyl siding, windows and other non-porous surfaces has other challenges.? Leave it to the pros; but don?t leave it alone.? Lead Dog has your best options for stain removal.

Stains are everywhere

Customers contact Lead Dog to remove many stains around the property.? You?re not alone.? As the years go by, items age that lead to other maintenance issues.? Lead Dog has special equipment to help you out in just about any situation.?

Common Stains Removed by Lead Dog

Stains are easily confused between one another.? The removal process starts by identifying factors that contributed to the stain, what the stain is and the material it is contaminating.? Lead Dog is trained to identifying and safely extract stains from any surface.

Rust Stains

Lead Dog is your best solution to remove rust stains.? Staining may be caused by a number of common sources around your property.? Rust stain removal is our most sought after stain removal service.? Leave the removal process to the professionals at Lead Dog.? Learn more about Rust Stain Removal.

Efflorescence Stains

Lead Dog is the industry?s best at removing efflorescence stains and deposits.? Efflorescence stains appear on porous surfaces such as brick, mortar, pavers and some stone.? If your brick or stone patios and walkways have a white haze or just don?t seem to be the same color anymore, contact Lead Dog.? Learn more about removing efflorescence: Efflorescence Stain Removal?

Battery Acid Stains

If you would like to remove battery acid stains, Lead Dog is your answer.? Battery acid stains appear as a reddish-orange color similar to a rust stain.? They are from the acid within the battery

Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains can be unsightly and removing the stain can be challenging for homeowners.? Lead Dog has professional solution to restore your surface from hard water stains.? Commonly found where automatic sprinklers overspray onto brick, pavers and concrete and over time leave behind calcium residue.

Oil Stains

Removing oil from concrete can be quite challenging.? Lead Dog has exceptional results reversing the oil stains and will set your expectations for the results that can be achieved.? Contact us as soon as you notice the stain.

?Lead Dog was able to remove multiple rust stains on our driveway.? We tried with no results.? We called Lead Dog the day our photographer was arriving for listing pictures.? THANK YOU so much!?

Lead Dog?s Professional Solution to Remove Stains

Lead Dog uses custom designed equipment for the services we offer our customers.? Stain removal offers us another way to impress our customers.? Our equipment and solutions we use are made for professionals.? The results you have with Lead Dog leave you with comfort that the industry?s best are restoring your staining problem.

Before and Afters

Check out some of our before and after?s and see our professional results.

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