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Lead Dog?s favorite part of the home…?Roofs!

Roofs are the hard hat?of your home.? After a few years, you need a professional roof washing. ?Lead Dog takes roofs seriously.

Roof looking streaky? ?That’s bacteria! ?Forming a dark sunscreen-like layer to protect itself from the sun. ?Your roof is covered in all types of “living” organisms. ?Bacteria and algae are the first to add a?smear-like look.

It’s getting worse.

Favorite Food. ?This species of bacteria enjoys the organic matter?in roofing material. ?Unlike green plants we’re familiar with, it thrives on the uptake of material in your roof and colonizes the northern side of your roof.

Spreads Easily.? Bacteria spores have spread rapidly over the past couple decades. ?Traveling airborne, spores easily jump roof to roof?and their?colonies will continue?across your roof until stopped.

Host. ?After the bacteria and algae colonize on the roof, it is used as a?biological growing layer for larger species such as lichen and moss.

A positive investment.

Roof washing?is an affordable and rewarding investment into the value?of your home. ?We know that a clean item is worth more then when covered in filth.

  • A clean roof amplifies your homes curb appeal. ?Roofs are in plain sight and all that visitors might see.
  • Selling your home? ?Don’t let a filthy roof be a first impression to the buyer and the appraiser.
  • Roof cleaning is suggested by the manufacturers their selves.
  • Cleaning a roof may be your contribution to keeping the community clean or?to one-up a neighbor.

Does bacteria harm my roof?

If the look of roof streaks are not bad enough, you may wonder if it causes damage. ?Lead Dog has cleaned our fair share of roofs. ?You may observe:

  • It holds?water to survive. ?Areas of your roof stay wet longer accelerating moisture related issues.
  • Water retention during freeze-thaw cycles expands and contracts your roof material.
  • Your homes surface temperature raise like a dark shirt on a sunny day from its black sun shield.
  • The bacteria can not convert light into energy. ?It feeds on your roof.

Lead Dog?cleans roofs!

Lead Dog defends your roof against organic threats. ?Our roof treatment disinfects the infestation while we maintain the surface for years of streak?free life. ?

  • Low Pressure Application. ?Our low pressure applicators spray a?solution to neutralize the growth.
  • Best Solutions. ?We use the industries best solutions that give you?professional results.
  • Safety Trained. ?Lead Dog uses a number of techniques before accessing your roof.
  • Environmentally?Responsible.? We know the regulations that keep our neighborhoods clean.

Our roof cleaning service includes roofs made of many materials, slopes and styles. ?Asphalt shingle, clay tiles, cedar, metal and more, Lead Dog has your roof covered.

Roof Cleaning Algae and Bacteria Photo

Roof algae responds to our roof treatment turning a decaying color.

Leave Roof Cleaning to the Professionals. ?There are many roof cleaning variables that go into a safe, professional result. ?It involves working at heights and spraying slippery surfaces. ? Leave this stuff to the professionals.

Roof cleaning after treatment

Lead Dog gives you a cleaned, refreshed roof.

?Lead Dog took great care cleaning our roof.? They knew their stuff. ?Much appreciated Lead Dog!?

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