Washing around your home.

Owning a home can be a lot of work. Finding time to?maintain it’s exterior may seem impossible. Lead Dog?takes the weight off your?shoulders and offers you a fast, reliable service. A quick service starts with our instant estimating feature.

Instant Estimates

The dog days are over! Lead Dog values your time and offers an instant estimate form.

  • Get an estimate now. On your time.
  • Save hours researching, calling and scheduling estimates with contractors.
  • Avoid wasting time waiting for contractors who don’t?show.

Lead Dog’s Services

Lead Dog offers high pressure and low pressure washing, window cleaning, stain removal and more. We have modern equipment?built specifically for?cleaning?delicate surfaces around your home. Our technicians are friendly, reliable and professional. They?are trained internally?to follow?our safety?policies and service procedures.

House Washing

Green algae, mold and mildew grow rapidly across our siding. Our low pressure applicators apply a solution to treat the biological spores and suspended surface residues such as dirt, spider webs, and more.

House Washing Info

Roof Cleaning

Dark streaks run down the roof caused by a bacteria infestation. Lead Dog applies a treatment to eliminate biological growth and wash the surface.

Roof Cleaning Info

Driveway Cleaning

Driveways get filthy quickly and damage your curb appeal.?Stains further make your driveway the eyesore of the neighborhood and lower its value.

Driveway Cleaning Info

Patio Cleaning

Patios are a place we relax with friends and family. Normally shaded by trees, patios develop thick biological growth that can ruin your appetite while you’re hosting guests.

Patio Cleaning Info

Window Cleaning

Lead Dog offers super fast window cleaning services with modern equipment that removes all minerals from the water. Save by using our annual service packages.

Window Cleaning Info

Siding Rust Stain RemovalStain Removal

Stains can damage a material and reduce your properties value. Lead Dog removes stains from just about any surface.

Stain Removal Info

Gutter Cleaning by Lead DogGutter Cleaning

A clean gutter system avoids water-related?damage around your home.? Lead Dog provides maintenance cleaning and unclogs backed-up?gutters.?

Gutter Cleaning Info

Seal Concrete DrivewaySealing

Extend surface life by maintaining a sealer to?protect your investment for today, tomorrow and years to come.

Sealing Info

Schedule your service today! Trust Lead Dog with cleaning?around?your home. We’ve made lasting relationships with customers who came to us with the same situation as you.

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Lead Dog is a great company to work with. They were super easy to schedule and quick. Highly Reviewed!