A Clean Patio is a Relaxing Patio

Patio cleaning is another activity property owners battle each year. Who doesn’t love relaxing on a nice patio?

We know you do since installing that patio was a big investment! It wont maintain itself and if you have memories of cleaning them before, you may have made up your mind on hiring a professional already.

Patio Cleaning Services by Lead Dog
Cleaning Patio Walkway by Lead Dog
Patio Cleaning - Lead Dog
Patio Cleaning Service - Lead Dog

Get There Easily

Lead Dog’s surface cleaners wash large surface areas at a time.

Lead Dog makes your soaking wet and tiring weekend-long activity into a routine service. We do this using equipment capable of moving 10x the water of your hardware store pressure washer allowing us to move that much faster!

Have unique circumstances? Lead Dog is a full service power washing company with reclaim systems, filtration units and heat exchangers to handle all of our customers needs. Owned by an engineer, our technical expertise is second to none.

The Service

A maintenance patio cleaning service is a multi-step process:

  1. Clear remaining debris from surface
  2. Protect and Pre-wet adjacent surfaces
  3. Apply solution to control biological growth
  4. Solution dwells to release and suspend filth
  5. Deep clean surface material
  6. Perform quality check and rinse

A Step Further

A well used patio is exposed to other forms of soiling such as barbecue grease, rust from furniture and fertilizer and hard water stains. Lead Dog can also restore surfaces from heavy stains in additional to our routine patio cleaning services.

Lead Dog

Patio cleaning can involve high pressure equipment and soaps where both can permanently damage surfaces without proper experience. The team at Lead Dog is here to help and make your experience a simple one.

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