Power Washing Homeowners Associations

Power washing homeowners associations can seem challenging. Lead Dog makes it easy! Our roots develop from associations and property management firms. See some of our results below!

Lead Dog’s HOA Program

Lead Dog has cleaned associations all over the area. We’ve used this experience to make your life easy by offering?a program tailored for the multi-family community. We understand many HOA board members volunteer their time and know the support needed for a successful project.

Benefits of Community Cleaning

  • Accelerate real estate transactions.?Curb appeal brings potential buyers into the community.
  • Good impressions.?Potential buyers see their dues are spent to increase?the value of their unit.
  • Increase occupancy.?Occupancy rates?increase funds?necessary to maintain the community.

Lead Dog?s program simplifies your life

Our multi-family community program?assists you in creating?the scope of work,?expected sequence of events, and aims to educate you?for maintaining your property. We give you peace of mind measures are in place for all of the variable?conditions around a property.

Some examples are:

  • Residents coming and going to work
  • Kids opening windows to say, “Hi”
  • School buses dropping off children
  • Residents letting?out pets
  • Landscaping contractor comes a day early
  • Unannounced Severe Thunderstorms.

We’ve been through this before. We adapt, learn, and continue to improve our systems. Trust the team who continues to polish their standards. Lead Dog understands local, state and federal OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations.

Maintenance Plans

Lead Dog offers maintenance plans for your community. Controlling organic growth on siding and roofs, to keeping surfaces clean residents spend their time on, our services are a complete package for a valuable community.

Lead Dog?s Services for your Property

Lead Dog has worked with communities since we’ve started. ?Power washing homeowners associations is now a simple task.

Siding Washing

Lead Dog doesn’t just power washing your siding. We disinfect green algae and rinse the surface of contaminants. Learn More

Roof Cleaning

Avoid an expensive roof replacement with maintenance cleanings. ?Lead Dog treats and cleans all types of roofs.?Learn More

Gutter Brightening

As aluminum gutters age, dirt and organisms embed their selves within its oxidation layer requiring a special process to restore them. Learn More

Gutter Cleaning

A properly functioning gutter system is critical to avoid water related damage around the property.?Learn More


Sidewalks, patios, pool decks and tennis courts are some of the flat surfaces Lead Dog cleans around communities.

Window Cleaning

Lead Dog eliminates the risk to your residents by cleaning window exteriors.?

Stain Removal

Stains appear around your property for a number of reasons. ?Whatever it is, Lead Dog has a removal solution for you. ?Learn More


Lead Dog?s surface sealing aims to extend its useable life, inhibit organic growth and a cover that?s easier to clean than the substrate itself.

Learn More