Green growing on your siding?

Treat it before it blooms again.

House washing refreshes the exterior of your home by treating biological organisms such as green algae, mold and bacteria and washing surface contaminants. It’s our most popular residential service so you’re not alone! Chicagoland residents share the battle to combat mother nature from damaging property values.

Green Algae Bloom.

Surface is Disinfected

Rinse debris.

?Enjoy Refreshed Siding.

With Lead Dog, you do things right the first time. The power is in the treatment. Not the pressure.

Easily Estimated

Lead Dog has cleaned millions of square feet of siding. With all of this experience, we offer instant online estimating for this service. Don’t waste any time being on other contractors time. It’s a routine service Lead Dog made simple. Get what you want… when you want it!

Algae on Siding

What’s on my siding?

After all of our experience, we’ll say about 90% of our house washing services are to address green algae growth.

Siding is also filthy! Have you looked at an old photo of your home recently? Various soiling accumulates over time. Also, homes with good airflow develop a static charge. As particulates in the wind blow by, filth is attracted like a magnet.

But, wait..?there’s more! Tree sugars, pollen and other small sticky by-products of plants not only contribute to holding dirt on your siding but by providing nourishment for explosive growth rates.

House Weeds

Cleaning algae from your siding is like pulling weeds in the yard. If you leave the roots, the plant returns much quicker. Lead Dog’s house washing service disinfects biological growth to a decayed brown color. If its green, the roots are still there!

Washing siding on a house

Lead Dog’s treatment decays green algae and is rinsed away.

Pressure Washers are bad!

Your first instinct may be to grab a pressure washer and blast your siding. High-pressure washers and your home’s exterior have nothing in common. A delicate home?requires a softer solution used by Lead Dog.

Read more: 8 Reasons you should never use a pressure washer on your siding.


?Lead Dog did a great job cleaning our siding.? We could not be more thankful for calling them before we sold our home.? Thank you so much!?

Lead Dog’s Process

Our low pressure system gently applies a solution consisting of a disinfectant, soap and a sticky surfactant. The surfactant makes the solution sticky so it clings to your siding without pouring down. Lead Dog’s solution dwells to disinfect growth and release contaminants for an extended period of time. Finally, the surface is rinsed.

Before and Afters

Check out some of our before and after?s and see our professional results.

HOA Power Washing - Lead Dog
HOA Siding Cleaning - Lead Dog
Lead Dog - Home Power Washing
Lead Dog - Home Power Washing Services
Home Pressure Washing - Lead Dog
Lead Dog - Home Pressure Washing
Home Power Washing by Lead Dog
Home Power Washing job from Lead Dog

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Lead Dog did a fantastic job washing our house. They were very friendly and professional. We?d definitely recommend using them to all of our friends! ? Sparky (and the Conways)