Fence Cleaning Services

Dirty fences make the entire length of your property an eyesore. To the property owner, it’s a large and challenging project to clean. Lead Dog saves your weekend and a trip to the chiropractor by making this huge task a simple service.

Why you need a fence power washing service.

Fences give your property security and privacy. It is also a big investment. Periodic maintenance is required including power washing, a biological treatment and potentially re-sealing.

Fences Get Dirty.

The material of a fence plays a huge role in the required maintenance. Wood fences fade from a nice clean wood color to a dull gray. Wood creates an oxidation layer as it ages from the suns ultraviolet rays. Unmaintained wood promotes algae, mold, lichen growth that will add unwanted color to the fence.

Lead Dog : Fence Cleaning

Lead Dog technicians are professionals when it comes to fence cleaning. Training and experience are sure to make services a well planned out activity. Lead Dog’s equipment adds the, “why hire a professional to clean your fence,” to fence cleaning. Our pumps allow us to work 10x faster than retail store models.

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Use Low Pressure to Clean Fences.

Most fences are made of delicate materials that are?easy to maintain. Unless your fence is made of concrete or brick, low-pressure systems are used to gently clean that range from 60 to 800 psi.

Type of Fences to be Cleaned

Style of Fences

There are many styles of fences installed across the area. Some fence designs can be simple to clean such as a solid, board-on-board fence, while alternating board fences may be more time-consuming. Lead Dog uses the proper equipment and methods to refresh any and all fence styles.

Fence Materials

Fence materials determine the proper plan of action for a fence cleaning project. Vinyl, wood and brick fences are all cleaned differently.


Fences over time require some level of restoration. A commonly overlooked issue is lawn sprinkler. Lawn sprinklers spray unfiltered city or well water. Areas are known to have various mineral levels in the water. Also, referred to as hard water. When the water evaporates, the minerals remain and stain the surface.

  • Higher levels of iron cause orange, rust looking stains
  • High mineral content (TDS) leaves calcium stains, (white hard water stains)

Most fence materials also oxidize over time in direct sunlight and exposure to acidic rain.

Before and After Fence Cleaning

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