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Extend the life of your surface by protecting it with a sealer.

Lead Dog seals concrete, pavers, brick and more.? Sealers protect from future issues associated to outdoor environments.?Moisture issues, freeze-thaw damage and salt pitting can be controlled. Customers gain peace of mind their driveways and patios are protected by?the best sealer with proper installation.

Benefits of a Sealer

Water Control

Sealers protect surfaces from water damage?by creating a barrier across driveways and the joints of brick pavers. Water related issues such as joint destabilization and surface cracking are avoided. ?Water collected underneath or in between the surface expands when frozen leading to cracks, movement and damages the surface.

Limit Surface Wear

Lead Dog uses sealers that penetrate deep into the surface?protecting it from daily wear and tear. Salt damage leading to pitting and scaling is a distant concern during winter months.

Stain Resistant

Sealed surfaces do not allow the stain to penetrate deeper into the surface?making?spill clean-up easier and stain removal much simpler.

Easier to Clean

Customers enjoy an easier surface to clean with a sealer saving you time and money. Lower pressures achieve similar results to high pressure cleaning with a reduced risk of damage.

A sealer needs a clean surface

Professional sealer applications for?your driveway or patio starts with a freshly cleaned surface. Learn more about our driveway and patio cleaning.

Removing surface contaminants and stains before applying a sealer is ideal. Stains become more severe or create bonding issues with the new sealer. Find more information on our stain removal service.