Drive up your curb appeal!

Is your driveway holding down the value of your beautiful home?

As a large part of what people see from the street, driveways account for a good chunk of your curb appeal. You may see your home everyday, but your appraiser, visitors and potential buyers are sure to take note of your filth.

Driveways also require ongoing maintenance to protect the surface and extend your the life of your investment. Replacement costs average around $8,000 and easily add up to more after repairing the lawn.

FREE! Sound good?

Driveway cleaning services are completed by also washing the first 100 feet of your roadway sidewalks for free. Keep this in mind if you’re comparing estimates!

Taking it?inside?

Driveways are the last place we?touch before walking inside. Why was the 5 second rule invented? Because the ground is filthy! A clean surface?helps protect against more filth from getting into your home.

It probably has some growth.

Driveways are commonly built using concrete or brick. These materials support biological growth from mold, bacteria, algae, lichens and more. Properly cleaning a driveway starts with disinfecting these spores.

Taking it easy

Lead Dog’s driveway cleaning service lets our customers take it easy. We get a number of calls of people who started but are too tired to finish. Many times, purchasing a pressure washer just to do it! Save money and time from the beginning.

Start with Lead Dog’s instant online estimate form and waste no more time. We will keep you up to date each step of the way!

Driveway Cleaning with Lead Dog

  • Protect and Pre-Wet Adjacent Items/Surfaces
  • Clear remaining loose debris
  • Apply solution to disinfect biological growth
  • Solution dwells to release carbon soiling
  • Deep cleaning with large area surface cleaners
  • Quality check and high volume rinse

Lead Dog turns your weekend-long project into a simple?service. We use large surface area cleaners rather than a small pressure washer wand. Our advanced equipment also allows us to adjust the pressure on the fly.

Need more than a standard service? Stain Removal, Sealing and More

?Lead Dog gave us a clean driveway.? Their services were great.? Driveway looks awesome!?

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Lead Dog is a great driveway washing service. They keep you up to date with reminders and do an awesome job. Awesome company! - Alexa