Commercial Cleaning Services

Lead Dog provides pressure washing, window cleaning, stain removal and other related services to commercial customers. Contact us today for a free demonstration?and consultation.

Started by an engineer, our understanding of core principles sets us apart from competitors across the country. And, it’s not just about the sciences… its the ability to foresee constraints, detail a plan to complete, communicate and report project status’, etc. We are just as much problem solvers as we are commercial cleaners.

Lead Dog’s services, certifications and insurance cover us on the ground, in man lifts and on top of structures. Our safety policy covers all of these areas and procedures to take in an unplanned event.

The need for commercial services

Clean is a rule of thumb when it comes to business. Whether its?attracting new customers, increasing employee morale, raising investment value or eliminating potential OSHA recordable injuries, commercial cleaning is a part of business.?

Lead Dog complies with all regulatory agencies including OSHA safety, EPA and DOT. Our sales points are keeping workers, environment and the job site compliant while meeting the objectives of the property. Not by the basic entry level sales pitches of properly being insured, licensed, and certified in cleaning?that are?essential basics to?starting a business. In fact, Illinois does not have?a license available?for professional regulation of?the power washing industry while the industry itself has no certification?standards.

Start by contacting Lead Dog. We meet your needs with enthusiasm, honesty and?professionalism.

  • Recurring Maintenance Cleanings (any interval)
  • Multi-Day Projects
  • Heavy, One-Time Cleanings

Lead Dog’s Commercial Services

Our commercial window cleaning and power washing services satisfy your routine cleaning needs and one-time projects. We clean up vertical structures, across large facilities and reclaim, filter or relocate wash water.

Lead Dog provides full consultation to cleaning and maintaining your surfaces to all of our customers. We are here to be a resource to turn to and with a lasting relationship to cover your cleaning needs.


Lead Dog’s goal is to make the estimating process with you simple, efficient and thorough.

Existing customers are offered fixed-rate estimates if available to add other properties or services to current properties. A fixed rate simplifies your day.

We also offer a free demonstration on most restorative services to visually show you the results to expect. Such as rust removal. This gives you the confidence you’ll receive what you want and it helps us tune in material costs and application time.

Some properties we service:

  • Banks / Gas Stations
  • Restaurants / Retail Stores
  • Malls / Strip Malls
  • Hotels / Vacation Clubs
  • Pools / Tennis Courts / Parks
  • Golf Courses / Clubhouses
  • Churches / Schools / Stadiums / Bleachers
  • Buildings / Offices
  • Car Washes / Signs?
  • Warehouses / Distribution Centers
  • Parking Garages / Parking Lots
  • Assisted Living / Retirement Buildings and Communities
  • Homeowners Associations, Apartments, Condos and Townhomes
  • Historical Monuments
  • Industrial / Manufacturing / Processing Plants

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Lead Dog offers power washing and pressure washing services. We have systems built specifically to clean delicate materials such as vinyl and asphalt shingles and high flow rate pressure washers to tackle large surface areas quickly.

  • Sidewalks / Floors / Patios
  • Lanes /?Drive-Thrus
  • Dumpster Pads / Loading Docks
  • Facades, Storefronts
  • Building Exteriors
  • Roofs, Awnings, Pavilions
  • Brick, Stone
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Construction Clean-up
  • Acid Wash
  • Tile Cleaning
  • And Much More!

Window Cleaning

Lead Dog’s window cleaning services use modern technology to remove minerals from water an eliminate an entire squeegee step. With the use of deionizing filters, we screen all minerals out of the water that would otherwise cause water spots. This allows us to pump the water into a brush that is attached at the end of a specially built extension pole. Not only can we move faster than others, we can clean up to 7 stories from the ground! We also offer tranditional methods commonly used inside office buildings.

Similar to our pressure washing services, window cleaning is available for one-time cleaning and recurring scheduled services of any size building.

  • Window Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Conservatories / Green Houses
  • Translucent Panels

Some additional services

Stain Removal

Lead Dog removes stains from rust, efflorescence, battery acid and hard water staining to name a few.


Lead Dog can apply sealers to protect both horizontal and vertical surfaces. We understand material properties to determine the appropriate sealer to use on your surface for your objectives.

Commercial Request for Proposal