Reliable Driveway Cleaning Services in Naperville

Lead Dog is a local driveway cleaning company in Naperville.

Driveway cleaning is a sure way to add instant curb appeal to your Naperville property. Being the red carpet of your home, its a surface every visitor, appraiser and potential buyer will see. By impressing these folks, your driveway cleaning drives up the value of your home!

A Full-Service Driveway Cleaning Company

Lead Dog is a full-service driveway pressure washing company. Our operation, vehicles and equipment are all aimed specifically at the power washing industry. Not an add-on to a painting or carpet cleaning business.

Our technicians arrive friendly, professional and trained in the standards for our driveway cleaning service in Naperville. Using high-flow-rate machines and surface cleaners, Lead Dog make driveway cleaning a simple service.

Concrete Driveway Pressure Washing Naperville Lead Dog ServicesDriveway Cleaning Services in Naperville

Regular driveway cleaning services maintain your expensive investment. Did you know the average driveway replacement cost in the Chicago area is $8,300?

Driveways are typically made from hard porous materials such as concrete and brick. These materials have open pores on their surfaces trapping dirt while harboring biological growth. Porous materials allow moisture to pass through where the warm sun incubates the organisms to thrive.

Sidewalks Free

At Lead Dog, our driveway pressure washing service is complemented by cleaning the first 100′ of level concrete sidewalks absolutely FREE.

Concrete Driveway Power Washing Naperville Lead Dog Services

Soiling, mold and bacteria before power washing driveway

Patio Pressure Washing Naperville After Lead Dog Services

After power washing concrete.

Patio power washing company Naperville Lead Dog Services

Brick paver pressure washing to remove surface staining.

Common driveways cleaned in Naperville

Concrete driveway cleaning is the primary material we clean in Naperville. Most driveways are broom finished, standard driveways that are easily cleaned.

Brick paver driveways require consistent maintenance. Failing to maintain a paver driveway, will lead to a displeasure in the cost to install, a very bumpy service and one just about impossible to shovel snow.

Both concrete and brick require high pressure to clean into the pores of the material. Don’t be fooled by the companies who claim to “softwash” driveways. You can search for them the following year and chances are, they are no longer around.

Staining and Removal

Naperville driveways have a high risk of stains from rust, oil, hard water, efflorescence, paint and more. Lead Dog has options to restore concrete, brick and all other surfaces used for driveways. Driveway stain removal involves additional steps and chemicals over a standard driveway cleaning service.

Our Driveway and Patio Cleaning Process

Driveway Power Washing Company Naperville Lead Dog Services

Concrete driveway power washing mid-service before rinsing.

Patio and driveway power washing in Naperville involves the use of high pressure washers. Lead Dog uses variable pressure washers for our?high pressure washing applications such as driveways and patios. This includes large area surface cleaners and hand wands.

Residential concrete and brick may not be as hard as you may think while stone can be downright soft in regards to discussing pressure washing. Lead Dog knows materials and will not mark any surface with our variable pressure washing procedures.

A Naperville Professional Power Washing Company

Lead Dog incorporates procedures, methods and in-house training for our driveway and patio pressure washing services. We have serviced Naperville since we began as a company. Enjoy the comfort of an engineer operated company.

Cost to Power Wash Driveway and Patio in Naperville

The cost to power washing a driveway is about the same as the cost of power washing a patio. Naperville has many sizes, materials and unique variables that impact the anticipated cost of a pressure washing service. Lead Dog’s automated estimating form makes this easy and can handle most driveways and patios!

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Lead Dod does a great job power washing driveways. Easy company to schedule. Highly Reviewed! Peggy - Naperville, IL