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Why you should power wash your house

Why power wash my house?

Power washing your house is a necessary maintenance activity of owning a house. But, the scale of the project puts fear in many homeowners eyes. As a result, the activity is kicked down the road until the home badly needs washing. Good news! Lead Dog can wash it right up.

Why you should power wash your house the correct way

High pressure can cause irreversible damage to siding

First Step. Do it properly.

The terms power washing and pressure washing can unintentionally be used interchangeably. However, they are different. High pressure should not be used to wash the siding of your home. The water is simply moving any biological growth rather than neutralizing the spores. Power washing includes the use of soaps at lower pressures to wash delicate home materials such as vinyl siding.

Reasons to power wash house siding.

  • Biological Treatment and Contaminant Washing
  • Raise Home Value
  • Maintenance
  • Sanitary

Biological Treatment and Contaminants

Green algae, mildew and bacteria, among other filthy organisms, grow on the siding of your house. While power washing a house, a solution is applied to the siding that treats biological growth. Spider webs, wasp nests, bird residue and many more organic compounds will dissolve as well.

Over the years, airborne dust and debris are blown against your siding. Homeowners do not see the progression of dirt collecting on their siding as it slowly happens over time. Customers are amazed how dirty the exterior was prior to washing and enjoy the like-new color and vibrant appearance.

House Value

Why you should power wash a house. Raise Value

Will an appraiser value the before or after image higher?

Power washing a house is continually viewed as the most cost-effective?way to boost the value of a property.

Curb Appeal

A freshly washed house will shine in the sun and look practically new. Great curb appeal leads to a satisfied homeowner, high property values and attracts potential buyers.

Property Value

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A great quote to describe the importance of power washing a house. Strong curb appeal adds strong value to the property. If it is not in the form of dollars, it is definitely in the ability to attract potential house buyers.

Required Maintenance

Maintaining the exterior of your house?will allow the material to protect the house and extend its lifetime before replacement. The time to say, “it doesn’t?require maintenance” is not when discussing the $10k+ exterior on your largest investment. Comparatively, a $10k car is washed multiple times before a house.


Your house has algae, bacteria, mold and mildew growing on it. These organisms grow into large colonies that can make their way into homes. Power washing around the house allows you to enjoy the outdoors in a clean environment.

When to wash your Siding

We suggest power washing a house on a regular schedule to proactively control the growth of new spores while washing the surface.

  • Regular Maintenance – Control biological growth before they bloom into visible growth
  • Listing a home for sale – Start attracting people into the home and get the most $$$ on your sale.
  • Self-gratification in your investment – Like sitting on a patio overlooking a day’s worth of yard work. You enjoy looking at a well-kept?investment.
  • Guests – We always wash up for our guests. Impress your neighbors, passers-by and visitors with a freshly washed home.

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