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Cost to Power Wash a House

How much does it cost to power wash a house?

It’s been a weekend of fun and the first time you notice your home has green growing all over it. You think of power washing the house but fear the thought of huge ladders and an exhausting task. Now… the challenging tasks is going to eat up your following weekend when you had planned to enjoy some pool time during the few months we have in the midwest. So you think, “How much does it cost to power wash a house?”

Cost to power wash a house

House power washing with low pressure

Learn about some of the variables reputable power washing companies consider to develop a cost to power wash a house.

A guide to house power washing costs

  1. Type of service you need

  2. Lead Dog’s estimating logic

  3. Size of the home

  4. What material is the home’s siding?

  5. Other factors…

  6. Cost to the homeowner

  7. Company expenses

  8. Material and utility expenses

What type of service do you need? A general power washing or restoration?

How much does it cost to power wash a house

9 times out of 10, homeowners inquire with Lead Dog to receive a cost to power wash a house due to green algae issues blooming across siding. This service is considered a routine treatment of biological growth and washing of residue. Homeowners can expect this to be the baseline house power washing service known as House Washing.

Just say NO to pressure washing a house!

Please remember, the use of high-pressure is not recommended to power wash a house. Many soiling issues can be treated and cleaned with low-pressure alternatives used by Lead Dog. Our general cost to power wash a house (House Washing) does not include any use of high-pressure washers on your siding.

Restoration Services

House power washing extends into material restoration work removing stains and more. Common issues requiring additional restoration that may impact the cost to power wash a house are:

  • Oxidation. Vinyl siding and painted materials oxidize over time producing a white, chalky film dulling its color.
  • Areas with high mineral content in their water such as calcium and iron are often plagued by stains throughout the property. Sprinklers often time water more than the lawn. Once the water evaporates, you’re left with minerals to stain.
  • Spray paint. Construction projects, utility contractors, kids…
  • Artillery Fungus. An organism that shoots tar-like balls out of your mulch bed. Seen as small dots about the size of a pen head, they must be individually removed from the siding.
  • Failing paint from shutters, fascia and other exterior materials that bleed onto your home primary siding.
  • Aluminum Siding – Aluminum is a painted material that fades unevenly.

Lead Dog’s Estimating Logic

Lead Dog considers power washing a house a routine and easily estimated service. Our intelligent form asks a series of questions that produce your estimate when you want it… now! Your cost to power wash a house is available on your own time rather than being on a contractors time whose often late.

Our Estimates use a basic formula:

Quantity x Base Rate x Adjustments = Estimated Price

In a nutshell, the size of your home multiplied by the rate we developed for the material we’re cleaning. The basic rate is adjusted for features that may be applicable to some homes such as a walk-out basement.

Size of the Home (Quantity)

The size of the house is the “quantity” to the equation, “how much does it cost to power wash a house?” Logically, a large home takes more time and materials to power wash than a small home. The height of the home is also an important?variable as we’ll need other accessories. Gable sides of houses extend the height of siding. The most challenging layouts include 2 story gables above walkout basements.

Walk Out Basement

A walk-out basement adds to the cost of power washing a house. There is additional exterior square footage and is typically associated to?other constraining factors such as second story decks.

Large Garages

Homes can have three and even 4 car garages. The cost to power wash a house may be adjusted depending on the layout of the home during our review.

Material of the home’s siding (Base Rate)

The base rate of our cost to power wash a house uses the homes siding material to establish the level of effort. Newly constructed homes in Naperville and Plainfield built with vinyl siding have different variables than homes built in their downtown areas made with more era-specific materials such as stone, brick and wood.

New homes in the area are commonly built with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is a budget-friendly material to protect the house but also widely known to grow algae. It is easily maintained and the lowest cost to power wash.

Why does material matter?

Power wash house cost - siding

Home with Hardi-Plank, Stone and Vinyl Siding.

The material used to side a home?determines what equipment we use to power wash a house, compatible soaps needed and the anticipated time to clean (totaling the Base Rate). Non-porous materials such as vinyl siding may be washed with low pressure while porous brick needs the pressure turned up to reach deep into the pores. From a higher-level-view, vinyl siding allows us to spray from the ground while brick washing can introduce lifts to maintain the necessary pressure at the surface that would have entirely different costs.

A professional company should understand material compatibility. That is how pressures and chemicals interact with the material. Soaps used to clean vinyl siding might react with copper trim. A solution blend sprayed on vinyl might need to be rinsed off hardi-plank as it dries quicker.? The big picture is key and plays a large role in the cost to power wash a house.

Adjustments (Adjusted Rate)

Adjustments to the cost to power wash a house are common. When completing our instant estimate form, it will ask you a few other questions such as, “do you have a second story deck?” Second story decks are one home variable that adds to the cost of washing.

Example: Cost to Power Wash a House

Quantity = Home Size

Base Rate = Fixed Material Rate (developed by Lead Dog)

Adjustments = Any rate adjustments or fixed fees are added

Ex. 1 – 2000 Square Foot, Vinyl Sided Home

(2000 x Vinyl Rate) = Cost

Ex. 2 – 2000 Square Foot, Vinyl Sided Home with Walkout Basement

(2000 x Vinyl Rate) + (Walkout Basement Unit Rate) = Adjusted Cost

Other costs to power wash a house.

Water Costs to the Homeowner

Homeowners are required to provide a connection to a water source for our service trucks (unless another option is discussed). We service a large area across Chicago from Naperville, Plainfield, Joliet, Orland Park to St. Charles, where water rates vary by city and county. At the Lead Dog headquarters in Romeoville, our water rate is roughly $3.50 per 1,000 gallons of water. On an average service to power wash a house, we use approximately 300 gallons of water. This results in a cost to the homeowner of [water used x water rate] = [(300/1000)*$3.50] = ~$1.05 water added to your total cost to power wash a house.

Company Expenses

From a company perspective, the cost to power wash a house involves operational expenses, equipment and insurance.

Material and Utility Costs.

All necessary soaps and solutions required to power wash a house are supplied. Other fees to operate equipment may also apply. Some companies may ask to plug into an outlet and others show up with everything. All Lead Dog needs is a working water spigot.

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