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8 reasons why you should never use a pressure washer on your siding

8 reasons why you should never use a pressure washer on siding.

Many people turn to pressure washers when needing to wash the house and clean siding. ?That’s the way to do it… right? ?Not quite.? Before you do, it may help to read 8 quick topics on why you should never use a pressure washer on siding.


High pressure agitates the oxidation layer on siding causing an undesirable appearance.

Oxidation Removal

Using high pressure agitates, smears and removes a thin residue aging siding develops. High pressure will disrupt?this layer unevenly causing a blotchy appearance and an unhappy homeowner. This issue contributes to many of our calls from homeowners to “fix” their attempt, or a result from contractors/side businesses who may not have known better.

Doesn?t kill spores

The most common nuisance on siding homeowners combat?is the biological growth of organisms. Typically, green algae. High-pressure washing might eliminate the visible growth for a temporary fix however it does not neutralize or kill the organisms spores. The growth will return to a visible colony shortly.

Water Leaks

Water flows to its least path of resistance.? High pressure forces water into tiny cracks on the exterior of your home creating leaks that may go undetected until a mold issue arises. Also, further opening small cracks for insects and other nuisances.

Property Damage

Pressure washers cause irreversible damage to your siding. ?The stream can tear?off seams or rip the siding off its fasteners. It can also damage nearby wood, remove window sealant and force water into utility boxes.


High-pressure may damage siding while exposing yourself to injury. A high-pressure stream can cut you, a curious pet or an unannounced visitor down to the bone. The nature of pressure washing exposes a user to height related risks, working on slippery surfaces and potential chemical burn issues spraying unfamiliar compounds.

Wind Turbulence

When the high-pressure stream exits the nozzle on your pressure washer wand, strong wind is generated that can send debris airborne into a window, strip flaking paint or knock over decorations. A “simple task” can lead to?additional work…time and money.


Pressure washing siding row by row can take all weekend. ?A professional pressure washing service, such as Lead Dog, can complete an average size home in only a few hours.


Re-work regarding pressure washing siding is normally one of three things. Re-work is always more expensive than hiring a professional pressure washing service to begin with.
or unwanted results can be well over 3x the initial quote to fix.

  1. Failed expectations. There’s still some filth on it. You thought it would have looked better after buying new equipment, the advertised detergent from the store and a weekend of your time.
  2. Oxidation layer was disturbed. High-pressure removed or agitated the oxidation layer on the siding. It looks awful. A complete oxidation removal may be 3-5x the cost of a general siding cleaning.
  3. Siding damaged. In some cases, the siding is damaged beyond repair. Your next call is your insurance agent or the contractor’s insurance company to file a claim. You checked to make sure they had insurance… right?

Hiring a professional from the start gives you comfort that your investment is being properly cared for.

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