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The reinvention of the wheel… Softwashing Have you heard, “We’re the only ones who clean this way”? This quick article is for you…   Which term do you put to mind easier? low-pressure washing softwashing One you can relate to. The other, takes some explaining.?Well… they are the same thing. Over the past few years, […]

Why you should power wash a house - Curb Appeal

Why power wash my house? Power washing your house is a necessary maintenance activity of owning a house. But, the scale of the project puts fear in many homeowners eyes. As a result, the activity is kicked down the road until the home badly needs washing. Good news! Lead Dog can wash it right up. […]

Cost to Power Wash House Siding

How much does it cost to power wash a house? It’s been a weekend of fun and the first time you notice your home has green growing all over it. You think of power washing the house but fear the thought of huge ladders and an exhausting task. Now… the challenging tasks is going to […]

Why does?green algae grow on siding? Have you ever wondered why green algae grows on siding? You’re not alone! Let us walk you through the basics – the fun stuff is at the end. Algae Growth Principles First, let’s adjust our thinking. The five core environmental?factors that promote algae growth on siding are: Moisture – […]

Pressure washer damage to siding

8 reasons why you should never use a pressure washer on siding. Many people turn to pressure washers when needing to wash the house and clean siding. ?That’s the way to do it… right? ?Not quite.? Before you do, it may help to read 8 quick topics on why you should never use a pressure […]

Lichen growing on fence.

Many nasty organisms grow around your home. Lets get to know a few and why. Organisms growing on your home have a few things in common. ?They’re there because:?? Moisture. ?High moisture environments from humidity, low air-movement and poorly draining areas are major influences. Shaded.??Organisms typically don’t do well in direct sunlight. ?Sunlight also dries […]