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5 Reasons to Clean your Gutters

5 reasons to clean your gutters

It may be awhile since you’ve thought about cleaning your gutters. ?If that’s the case, its time to clean them out. ?Here are some reasons to clean your gutters and begin regular maintenance with Lead Dog.

1. Clogged?gutters lead to water damage

Gutters move rain water?away from?your home’s foundation.??Overflowing water?sheds down your foundation allowing it to settle, crack and leak.??If your sump pump can?t keep up with the extra water or quits working from the unnecessary wear and tear… your basement floods.??

?2.? Standing water creates life

Waiting too long to clean gutters allows debris to accumulate and restrict drainage.??Standing water is the perfect nesting area for mosquitoes and other insects.

3.? Nesting area

Birds, squirrels and other rodents nest in gutters.? Animals can be messy and a nest gives them more liberty to do damage elsewhere around your roof.??Cleaning your gutters will help deter animals from nesting around your home.

4. Overflowing?water rots wood

Gutters overflowing from rain are a clear sign for cleaning.? There may be a tennis ball stuck in the downspout or leaves stuck on a hanger.? Whatever it is, water backing up can leak into your home.??

5.? Structural?damage

Water is quite heavy along with soaked debris in your gutters. ?This weight causes structural issues that may be seen immediately or show overtime. ?When the gutters fail, you may need to replace the gutter and have expensive repairs to your home.

Gutter cleaning is a necessary maintenance activity for a homeowner. ?Lead Dog takes the stress away with our simple service.

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